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Now, this is a light boat resource website. We enlist all sorts of open designs that people from all over the world have come up with. These are designs that they have used for their own boats. These are not stuffs that are just taken from a public domain source or some sort of a pre-existing repository of designs.

If you’ve ever tried designing your own light boat, you’d probably know that a lot of those older designs just don’t work; either they’ll make all the wrong assumptions or they simply require materials that you can’t get a hold of, nowadays. is different because the designs that we offer are readily available in your area; regardless of where you are in the world, they can be made with ready-made resources. You don’t have to import stuff or pay tariffs or work with a customs broker. Everything is within a safe and convenient distance from your place of residence – this is of course assumed that you have access to a fairly industrial part of town.

If you do, then regardless of where you are in the world, your budget or your background and regardless of how technical you are, you can come up with amazing boat designs and enjoy the great wide-open space of lake shores, shorelines, coastlines and other bodies of water near you.

This Website is an Idea Sharing Platform

You may have designed your boat and might think that it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Congratulations! You have come up with something that many Americans simply dream of.

There are so many guys out there with boats in the various stages of assembly stuck in their backyard. This is too bad because if only they used the right design, they would have finished that boat in no time flat. Accordingly, we foster a community here where people can share all sorts of ideas regarding how to build a boat that is not only easy to assemble but also affordable and fun to use.

The great thing about this platform is that it thrives on success. The more successful the design is, the more prominently it is featured in our site. This way, people would benefit from more popular designs and hopefully, improvising from it; so they can share their resulting designs, which lead to even greater levels of innovation, comfort and convenience.

Reference Sharing Platform

Of course, when you’re designing a boat, it’s a good idea to establish some sort of context force and to ensure that people can get other resources and reference materials, when they have finally gotten around to building a boat based on the design shared on this platform. This is why we also feature a tremendous amount of references for each and every design being shared here; this way, you can see the context where the design, as well as the source, resource. When you go to that source resource, you can figure out the original dimensions. You can make necessary changes and all the customizations you need, to make sure that the particular boat design works in your personal set of circumstances.

Share Your Testimonials

Nothing succeeds like testimonials. Unfortunately, unless people can get a clear impression that a certain design works for you, chances are, they probably would not want to use that design. Now, we understand how this works; that’s why we encourage people from anywhere in the world, who has tried the designs posted on this website, to share their testimonials. Share your experience.

Let us know how long it took for you to build your boat and to put everything together, as well as how much it cost you. Finally testify, and post selfie pictures of you out there enjoying your great boat and going to where the fishes are. Share your experiments. We know that in many cases, an excellent book design is really a simple matter of trial and error.

Accordingly, we want you to share your ideas because the more experiments you share, regardless of whether they’re successful or not, the sooner it would take for somebody else in the community to innovate from those ideas and take it to a much higher level. The result is everybody’s enriched from getting better ideas on what would make a more excellent light boat design.

Reach out if you have the latest news and views regarding light boat designs in your part of the world.


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