Quality Motivates Us At Polar Kraft

November 8, 2013

In addition to aluminum, rivets, and upholstery, there's something else we measure every day at the Polar Kraft boat plant. It's morale. Because happy workers are motivated workers and motivated workers build the best boats in the industry. These are hard-working Americans that take pride in what they do. The busier, the better. Because they know where these boats are going. They know the boat they're working on is meant to be somewhere else. It's meant to be on the water. After all, is a boat really a boat unless it's on the water? And to take it a step further, can a fishing boat truly reach its full potential unless you and your family and friends are catching bigger fish and making bigger memories you will talk about for generations? Around here, we build every boat with that in mind. You could say that, for us, boat building is not so much a job as it is a calling. You see, our destiny is to create these amazing boats so you can create amazing memories. Why is morale so high around here? The way we see it, every boat that rolls out of the building is heading to its happy place. And since most of us are boaters, just like you, we understand what that means. For you AND the boat. Does aluminum equal happiness? Around here, you better believe it.