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The is an information clearance website – let’s just make that clear. A lot of people think that this is a website where you buy boats. No, we don’t buy and sell boats here. Instead, we have our sights set on something higher and more important. We publicize all sorts of boat designs, so people from all over the world can get the light, nimble and highly effective boats that they are looking for, thus they can finally go to where the fishes are; in other words we believe in the power of ideas.

We believe that ideas grow in value, the more they are shared. Accordingly, we call out to all fishing enthusiasts, as well as small boat fans from all over the world to share their resources. You have to understand that the big challenge to an effective small boat design is not technical expertise; it is not passion for fishing, nor is it spending a few bucks to put together a boat. Instead, the great challenge facing all of us involves ideas.

Share Diagrams and Designs

Not only does this website share diagrams of light and nimble boats that enable people to fish more efficiently; we also share question-and-answer sessions regarding these diagrams. People would have questions regarding what kind of boat to take and the kind of fishing they can do with certain types of boats. Whatever boating-related question you may have – wherever you may be – this is the place to hang out.

Just share your question and you’re rest assured that somebody, somehow at some time will answer. Similarly, if you know the answer to somebody’s question, don’t hesitate to answer. Don’t be shy; share what you know and guess what? The value of your ideas and knowledge grows over time.

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The more ideas we have, the more likely we would be to resolve all sorts of problems that we face; coming up with more efficient and versatile boat designs. You might think you have a weird idea and that it is a non-starter or has no chance of working; share anyways, because if there is any type of individual, this website attracts, its problem solvers. That’s right. These are people who camp out at their garage coming up with all sorts of amazing inventions, that would really take light boat design, enjoying the great outdoors, fishing and any type of body of water, to a higher level.

Share news, resources and events. If you are going to have an event among small boat aficionados and fans – even if it is a very minor event involving more than ten people – share it because you’d be surprised as to how many small boat fans live in your particular town city or region. People can and do take the time off and make the trip, just so they can rub shoulders with people who share their passions.

Get the information you need. Share the information you have and contribute to the greater evolution and development of fishing and light boat designs.


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