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If perchance you have personally trimmed the nails of your fur baby, you will confirm the fact that it is quite unpleasant, scary and most times can be painful for your dog when you make a cut to the quick of the nail. There is another way you can go about trimming and cutting the nails of your pet rather than the conventional means. You can make use of the rotary dog nail grinder. Conferring to the dog nail grinder reviews on the internet, dog nail grinders are employed to sand down the nails of your pet gently rather than employing the conventional nail clippers. You will observe that these grinders have some sort of filling wheel that does not cut the nail, rather it assist in filing the nail down.

Grinders are not just designed for this purpose better than clippers, but they are better at trimming and cutting your pet’s nail than the regular rotary tool such as the Dremel. They were specially designed by experts for grooming of nails, they do not use a high-speed motor and there have been reviews from critics that the pet nail guard design is excellent. The [pet nail guard is the plastic case that is surrounding the filing wheel, having a hole that can accommodate the nail of your pet. The tool was fashioned to apply precision filing wheel for removing the thin layer of nail gently, leaving the paws of your pet soft.

Nail grinders come in different versions; cordless, battery operated and also have a power cord. Each grinder comes with a cylinder-shaped body as well as a grinding head on the side that is used to smoothen and shorten the dog’s nails. Although these tools are not really difficult to use, we have to follow some safety precautions and a few specific approaches you will need to make use of the tool in order to have a positive outcome and result.

Safety First

It is quite difficult to use a grinder, so the first and most important thing that you should do is to ensure that there is no hair on the way. If your dog possesses long hair, you need to pack it together so as to avoid getting caught in the tool’s spinning tip. If the pet has long hair in between his foot pads or on the paws, the first thing to do is to trim it so as to reduce the risk of catching it in the nail grinder. In this article, we have created the tips for grinding nails. Read on to find out the steps.

Steps for Grinding Nails

  1. Hold the dog in a secure position coupled with the extension of his paw. You are advised to stop temporarily if the dog restricts itself, and you need to place him in a comfortable position before continuing with the operation.
  2. You are advised to work on one nail step by step, apply the grinder to the base of the nail tip cautiously, and gradually bring it up to the uppermost part of the nail tip. After reaching the top of the tip, go back to the starting point over again.
  3. Repeat this procedure for numerous times until you have secured the sharp tip, but avoid applying force to avoid making the nail bleed.
  4. After taking off the length you need for the operation to proceed, endeavor to apply it in a random motion around the tip at numerous times for it to be polished evenly and smoothly.
  5. Repeat the whole process on the dog’s nails.

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