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If your plan is to live the high life through a slightly lower budget, the Rivercove EC may be what you are looking for. The public-private hybrid housing program is really becoming the best housing option as far as Singaporeans are concerned, merging the price tag of an HDB flat with the facilities and aesthetics of a private condominium. But as interesting as that sounds, it is very important that you do the adult thing, and first decide whether or not you would be able to afford the payments as at when due.

There are two types of payment programs available to potential EC buyers:

  • Deferred Payment Scheme (DPS); and
  • Normal Payment Scheme (NPS)

Under the Normal Payment Scheme (NPS), buyers make installment payments on the property every time the developer hits particular pre-set milestones in its construction – just like a reward system. This normally works out at a payment of around 5 – 10 percent on the cost price associated with the property every six months or so.

Just as the name implies, the DPS (Deferred Payment Scheme) lets buyers defer the timing of the payments. Rather than make little payments every couple of months, DPS buyers are only required to pay 20% of the cost price at the start, while the remaining 80 percent is sorted out immediately the project has been completed (around 3 years after).

How can you find the best executive condo at rivercove ec? It’s important to know some of the amenities that are available including the following:

1. Storage Space

This is about extra storage space besides the condo unit itself. If you have extra stuff it’s more convenient if you have access to it at the condo instead of options like public storage. It’s even more convenient when the extra storage space is attached to your condo. Make sure to check about issues like privacy/security. It won’t mean much if you have extra storage space that others could have easy access to.

How important is this amenity? It’s one of the top-10 amenities that condo owners search for in various parts of the world including the US. It’s really about convenience. You want access to your stuff and one of the most convenient options is at your own condo. You won’t have to leave home to access your stored stuff.

2. Swimming pool

This is a must-have and especially when you’re living in warm/hot climate. In those situations you’ll likely want to cool off during the summer or other times the outdoor temperatures are well above room temperature.

This is one of various types of locations tenants can spend time relaxing, reading, and snacking. There are many other options in terms of outdoor activities but a swimming pool is definitely one of the best options. Make sure to consider factors like how many swimming pools are available, slides/diving boards, etc. This will help you to pick a right condo for your needs.

Keep in mind there’s a wide variety of other outdoor activities like sports courts. What’s important is that you’ll have a place to relax whether it’s the end of a stressful workday or the weekend. It provides you with a great chance to relax without leaving the condo.

3. Pet-friendly

If you have a pet cat, dog, or bird you’ll likely want to find a condo that’s pet-friendly. The bad news is not all condos allow animals to live in the condo. However, you can find others that do and it can be a great perk since you won’t have to live separately from your favorite canine or feline. Make sure to inquire about this issue since it can be a great perk for condo residents.

4. Gym

If you want something between a home gym and off-site one then this is a good option. Many condos include a gym or fitness center so you have the chance to stay in shape without having to go to your local gym. You’ll likely have to pay some sort of membership. However, a key benefit is you won’t have to spend time and effort traveling outside the condo to get in your weight resistance and cardio exercises.

That said, it’s also important to do some research about the gym. For example, what kinds of memberships do they have, what kinds of equipment, etc.? These are all critical issues to take up when picking a condo gym since it can help you select the best one for your needs.

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