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Since the carpets in your house get used on a very frequent basis, they have to be kept clean at all times, and vacuuming them periodically is not sufficient. Aside from making you feel at ease when walking barefoot, there are a lot of other advantages associated with getting your carpet cleaned by professional establishments, one of them is that they use less water to clean carpets. Once your carpets have been cleaned by these establishments, you would really appreciate how they make your house look more appealing and inviting.

A lot of consumers are concerned about the chemicals employed by expert carpet cleaning services. But the truth of the matter is that the new methods of carpet cleaning use super-hot water to remove dirt and dust particles. Very hot water, more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit, under high pressure, is used to remove all unhealthy elements from the carpet. This method of cleaning, employing industrial vacuuming, does not require any chemicals or soap.

Aside from being eco-friendly, this process is also safe for your pets and children. Your carpet remains safe and healthy for your use on a daily basis since there is no residual material left behind. Moreover, the method of hot water extraction for cleaning is not harmful to all kinds of carpets. It does not its delicate fibers and it doesn’t spoil the decorative patterns on the carpet.

Do you always need water to clean carpets? You might be surprised that professional carpet cleaners often use less water to clean carpets. Here are some of the non-H2O methods they use:

1. Baking soda
This is an excellent option to clean your carpets without using water. There’s often water included in the mixture but that’s not always the case. Baking soda has tons of household uses and you might be surprised by how many ways you can use the basic product around your home. One of the most effective options is to clean carpets. One of the main benefits is the chemicals in the powder help to remove stains and such from the carpeting. This means less scrubbing to get stubborn stains out.

2. Towel/rag
You can use this material to blog a stain in your carpet. The problem with trying to remove the stain by rubbing with water or other chemicals is it often has an opposite effect of the one you want. The stain can actually get worse because it involves rubbing the stain deeper into the carpet’s fibers. This is definitely something you’ll want to avoid since it makes it even tougher to remove the stain.

3. Dishwashing liquid
This is a great DIY option for removing stains from your carpets. The key benefit of this option is you just need a small amount in order to remove stains. Why is this important? It means you won’t have to spend tons of money on fancy cleaners. You can instead just use a small amount of something you probably use daily in your household to clean up dirty dishes, glasses, and silverware. Now you can also use it to remove carpet stains!

4. Alcohol
You can use alcohol as a spritzer to help remove stains from carpets. All you have to do is add it to spray bottle so you can easily spray the substance into the carpet. Then you just have to use a rag to remove the stain. IT’s one of the easiest DIY options for removing stains yet works very effectively.

5. Peroxide
Keep in mind this is a pre-spray to add to organic stains like food. You should consider using other substances afterwards to get the bulk of the stain off. However, if you start with peroxide you can get start a chemical reaction that will help to start removing the stains. Then after you add the main cleaner you can remove the rest of stain.

6. Vinegar
How can fermented wine help to remove stains? This is mostly to remove the soap/odors after using dishwashing liquid on the carpet. However, it’s also effective in helping to remove the stains collected by the liquid soap.

7. Towel
This is an interesting method that actually includes a little water. You can pour some water onto a spilled drink. Then put the towel over the stain. Next use a vacuum hose to suck up the stain. This process only takes about 3 minutes and can completely remove the beverage stain from your carpet.

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