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Well, whenever we’re talking about withstanding the test of time we really are talking about three different things: the look of an item, the overall durability or the ability of that item to degrade over time. These are three interrelated concepts, but they’re also distinct from each other. Unfortunately, when people confuse them with each other, it’s too easy to make the wrong purchasing decision. Make no mistake about it; your decisions are only as good as the facts that you considered as well as the logical reasoning process that you used to arrive at a conclusion.

The worst thing that you can do is jump to a conclusion because it may work for other people you know, so it should automatically work for you – this is why a lot of people fail to find boats that would stand the test of time. offers a tremendous amount of small and light fishing boat designs that are intended to withstand the test of time. The reason why we are confident that these designs can help you do well long into the future is because they address all three issues raised above.

First of all, they look great. You have to understand, that regardless of whether we’re talking about sports cars or architecture, clean straight lines will never go out of style. In fact, we are so confident with our statement that we are sure the designs that we have shared on this website will continue to look amazing for a long period of time. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that people would consider them the most cutting-edge design; however, you can guarantee that these designs will at least stay relevant.

People can’t look at these designs and say, “Oh, this is obviously from fifty years ago.” People won’t get that impression because we use the same classical straight lines that punctuate and differentiate classic architecture and automobile designs.

The second point of withstanding the test of time is durability. We are happy to report that a lot of the designs that we feature here – at least from our perspective – can withstand the test of time as far as durability is concerned. You have to understand that durability should be an important factor in your efforts at buying your next boat. Why?

Durability sets total use value. The more you use a product, the cheaper that product becomes; keep this in mind because a lot of people think that as long as they can put together their boat, for as little money as possible, they’re getting a tremendous value. While they’re more than welcome to think that way, nothing could be further from the truth.

What’s the point of spending very little money, only to see the product fall apart after a few uses? Wouldn’t it be better to spend a little more, but that you will surely continue to use that product long into the future? It really boils down to that kind of analysis.

Finally, pay attention to break down. This all goes back to the materials used. The good news about the designs profiled on this website is that we offer classic designs that can accommodate a wide range of materials.

This versatility of base materials enables you to build boats that won’t break apart, get corroded, developed holes or otherwise encounter problems long into the future. We’re talking about a 15 to 35 year window – that’s a lot of time. A lot of commercial boats start breaking and falling apart, way ahead of that time.  If your boat gets it to that time frame, consider yourself lucky.


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