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There’s an old saying, “if you take one person and get that person to think about a problem, the best you can do is to come up with a one plus one solution.” To put it simply, the person would wrap your mind around the problem and sequentially or incrementally come up with solutions. Why?

There’s nobody else to talk to or act as a frame of reference. There’s nobody else to work with; so you can tap their memory and creative blanks to come up with something distinctively new to solve the problem in your face.

Now, if you take another person and put him in the same room as that first person, then all bets are off. Seriously, this is not an exaggeration; this is as serious as a heart attack. Why?

When two people look at an identical problem set, it’s not automatic that they would consider the same solutions; in fact, they bring a lot of differences to the table. Different people have different experiences. Different people look at the world in different ways. Different people come from different walks of life – All these differences add up and can count for us, as well as work towards our goals, instead of against them.

Believe it or not, when you put two people together and they start bouncing an idea back and forth; you will be surprised as to how many different manifestations form and implementations that idea can take. Now, given all this diversity, it’s no surprise that when people are networked with each other and bounce ideas to break them apart or put them together, as well as ask for references, resources and help from each other, they come up with something amazing. They come up with interesting combinations and different divisions or segments of existing designs. This is why we’ve put together this website.

We understand that the world of light boat fishing truly turns on ideas by enabling people to digitally rub shoulders, network with each other and ask all sorts of questions in an open free-for-all formats. We are confident that the global community of fishing fans would contribute to better boat design overall. Of course, it’s not going to happen overnight. This is not something that will instantly happen just because there’s this platform; however, as word gets out and as more and more people share their criticism, insights, feedback and whatnot, the sooner people would get to a consensus regarding the next greatest light boat design.

You have to remember that light boat designs are work in progress – they really are. There’s a tremendous amount of hit or miss or guesswork involved; but, with just consistent effort, eventually, they would end up with a design that will benefit most people from anywhere in this world.

Let’s help each other take boat designs to a whole other level. Our situations may be different and we may be operating off totally different sets of circumstances but the more information we exchange, the more we inspire each other and the more we trigger explosive bursts of creativity.


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Get notified!


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