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Modularity means that you take one piece from one assembly and you put it in another assembly. After you’ve done that, it would operate just as well, if not, better than the original assembly. It sounds pretty straightforward. Right?

Modularity is all about flexibility because when you buy anything designed with modularity in mind, you can swap different parts. Regardless of whether we’re talking about clothing, computer equipment, heavy equipment or in this case boating equipment; stuff does wear out. Little machines, assemblies or sub-assemblies does break down – especially if they are exposed to the elements. This happens to the very best machines.

Machines are often made up of smaller machines with their own particular level of modularity. Still, if the engine has broken down in your boat, it’s really a good idea to make sure that you can easily yank it out and put in a new engine. Unfortunately, not all small boats are designed this way. In fact, some boats are custom-molded; so you’re pretty much stuck to using a particular type or size of an engine.

This is not the case with well-designed, heavily modular, small fishing boat designs. This is the key if you want to find the very best design of small fishing boats: you really can’t screw around with custom, off-the-shelf solutions. The reason why that market exists, in the first place, is because the manufacturers behind them are very clever. Now, the reason why they make money hand over fist and generate millions upon millions of dollars every single year, is the fact that they are forcing their customers to essentially keep buying from them.

When a design is custom-molded to a particular engine, you’re stuck. Unless, you are going to modify the engine to fit your small boat, you are going to have to buy that engine over and over again; this can become quite an expensive proposition.

This is why it’s really important to use the way it’s intended. It’s supposed to be a clearinghouse of small boat designs. Once you get a generic small boat with a tremendous amount of modularity designed into it, you can bet that you can swap all sorts of engines and you can make all sorts of modifications and still enjoy the great outdoors on your amazing boat. Modularity is pretty much everything when it comes to small fishing boat design.

A final word on modularity

The essence of modularity truly flows from the standardized parts, standard operations, the assembly line system. Accordingly, it enables you to go wherever at whatever time so you can do whatever you want on the water and have a great time. it’s all about getting you where you need to go. For this to happen, you need a tremendous amount of flexibility, versatility, and foresight. Technology may change on a dime. Consumer trends are sure fickle. But none of these matter if you have modularity baked into the design of your boat. You’ll be able to keep up and keep on boating a long long time.


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