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Monitors seem to have an evidently long lifespan, lasting for ten years or longer if thoroughly cared for by their owners. In the event that you are looking to change a screen following years of usage, you’re likely overwhelmed at the numerous different options at your disposal. Gone are the times of one singular monitor type dominating the marketplace, with makers adding all sort of gimmicks to their screens in a bid to make them unique. One type of monitor that is really attaining popularity among movie buffs and gamers is the 4K thin bezel monitor.

On a monitor, the bezel happens to be the frame that’s around the screen. As monitors have improved, the bezel has shrunk evidently. For instance, compare the bezel of a more modern widescreen monitor to what’s obtainable with a CRT monitor. A thin bezel monitor aims to get rid of the plastic frame surrounding the screen completely, giving you the optimum amount of screen space likely. While monitors need to have a bezel of some form to keep the screen in check and offer resistance against damage, a bezel on a few thin bezel monitors is almost undetectable. Minus the thin bezel, thin bezel monitors are practically similar to what’s obtainable with a normal monitor when it comes to its features.

Here are some of the top features to consider when searching for a 4K thin bezel monitor:

1. Size

When you’re in the market for a thin bezel monitor size matters. Such monitors are available in a wide range of sizes. So make sure to pick a size that’s right for your PC/gaming needs. In some cases a 13” monitor is large enough and in other cases you’ll need a 48” display. It depends on factors like your budget and applications. These are some of the various factors to consider in order to pick the right size.

Keep in mind you should consider issue like whether you want to mount the display on a wall or place it on a stand. These are major factors that should affect the size of the display you pick. There are other issues but these are some of the key ones.

2. Bezel

How thin can you go? When picking a thin bezel PC monitor it’s important to determine how thin you want the unit to be. There’s a lot of different terms like thin, super-thin, ultra-thin, etc. It’s important to get the exact dimensions of the display’s bezel so you can compare it with similar units on the market. Before you make your choice make sure to research about some of the basic tech related to bezels. This will help you make the best selection when you’re in the market for a new slim bezel display.

3. Reviews

It’s a good idea to read multiple reviews of a particular model before you decide to purchase it. If you just read one it might be someone who’s unfairly ranting about their experience. Meanwhile, if you read several reviews you’ll get a broad view of what people have to say about the display. This will help you make the best choice.

4. Specifications

There’s tons of different tech specs to consider when searching for a thin bezel monitor. They include things like brightness, contrast ratio, response time, etc. These are very technical issues but they affect the functionality of the display. Do you have to become a guru of ultra-thin bezel monitors? That’s not really necessary but you should still research some of the basics so you can choose wisely when you pick a unit.

5. Price

The price tag of ultra-slim bezel displays can vary based on different factors. They include the brand, features, new/used, size, slimness, 4K/UHD, etc. These are some of the many factors that can influence the price of the units. What’s the “right” price? Well, it really depends on factors like how much you’re willing to spend and finding the lowest price possible.

Speaking of which it’s critical to first find the thin bezel monitor you’re searching for. Then it’s a matter of finding the best price. It’s a good idea to shop around. Make sure you compare prices at 3+ websites to make sure you’re not paying the highest price. The more shopping you do the more likely you can find a rock-bottom price.

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