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Water hardness can be greatly decreased using a lot of different methods. The choice on how to remove hardness from your water will be dependent on the volume of water used and the appliances you are trying to protect. This would determine the best cost-effective solution, whether it be for commercial business or the house.

To protect a singular piece of equipment like an ice maker or an espresso machine a normal in-line water filter cartridge can perform the task. These cartridges are fitted between the appliance and the water supply and can be simply installed. They will eliminate the majority of the calcium compounds known to lead to limescale build up, alongside other impurities that should boost the taste of the final product. It’s essential to fit the appropriate filter cartridge to cater for the estimated water consumption via the machine. For this reason, a lot of different sizes are available in various capacities.

The best cost-effective method to soften water in a home is through the use of a water softener that’s salt-based. Salt-based softeners would treat the water for the entire house. In this way, washing machines, showers, dishwashers, and heating systems are all protected from the dangerous effects of scale.

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