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Water hardness can be greatly decreased using a lot of different methods. The choice on how to remove hardness from your water will be dependent on the volume of water used and the appliances you are trying to protect. This would determine the best cost-effective solution, whether it be for commercial business or the house.

To protect a singular piece of equipment like an ice maker or an espresso machine a normal in-line water filter cartridge can perform the task. These cartridges are fitted between the appliance and the water supply and can be simply installed. They will eliminate the majority of the calcium compounds known to lead to limescale build up, alongside other impurities that should boost the taste of the final product. It’s essential to fit the appropriate filter cartridge to cater for the estimated water consumption via the machine. For this reason, a lot of different sizes are available in various capacities.

The best cost-effective method to soften water in a home is through the use of a water softener that’s salt-based. Salt-based softeners would treat the water for the entire house. In this way, washing machines, showers, dishwashers, and heating systems are all protected from the dangerous effects of scale.

Do you have a water softening system at home? If you do not, then you should try and know of a few other methods to soften water. Having hard water can be bad for your health, damage your pipes, and make laundry much harder to do. So it would be well worth your time to get rid of that hard water.

Hard water due to heavy minerals is a problem because it gives the water an unpleasant taste and decreases the effectiveness of soaps and detergents. Fortunately, there are methods to soften the water at home.

Boil and filter

You can boil the water to soften it. Let it boil at least 15 minutes, and let it cool. The boiling causes the calcium and magnesium, which give hardness to the water, to evaporate.

Buying a filter is another alternative. The tap water is softened by passing through a portable unit, which removes chlorine and other minerals, and helps improve the taste of the water. Most portable filters can be purchased at grocery stores, supermarkets, and in bathroom supply stores.


Hard water is harmful to wash clothes. Mineral deposits in hard water fade colors and trap dirt and detergent on clothes. Add a water softener to the dirty laundry before washing it. This removes minerals from the tissues and helps to brighten them. Solutions for softening water are found in the laundry section of the market, liquid or powder.

Water for the bathroom

Bathing with soft water gives a clearer feeling to the skin and hair, opens the pores of the skin and reduces the risk of irritation. Baking soda can soften hard water. Add one-fourth cup to the bath water tub. You can also use sodium bicarbonate to remove mineral residues from the skin and hair. Simply take three tablespoons of baking soda and mix them with four cups of water.

Water softening systems

A permanently installed water softening system eliminates the need to use homemade products to do so. It is a suitable and cheap method. A mechanical water softener is placed in the domestic plumbing, and calcium and magnesium will be replaced with sodium. This reduces the formation of lime deposits and increases the efficiency of the heater and the life of the clothes. However, it may be that this water is not drinkable. Try and speak with a water softener installer to see just how much it would cost you. However, installing a water softener can be a good investment, especially in the long run.

Another permanent system to alter calcium ions to prevent the formation of sediments and make the water more pleasant to drink is a magnetic conditioner. These are installed more easily than mechanical softeners and are cheaper.

If you properly follow all of these tips, then it would be possible for you to remove the hardness from your water at home. This will be better for your health and have a whole list of other benefits as well. So you should definitely try and follow these tips to soften your hard water at home.

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